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Kivera Naynomis FW 2016-17 Fairytale Gothic

Kivera Naynomis FW 16-17 collection was inspired by the shapes  and structures of the Gothic period architecture. The detailing was made according to classical Baroque decor, that inspired the designer to use golden embroidered appliqué. The collection is mostly handcrafted, and the color palette is based around pastel blue colors, gray, dark green and blue. Kivera’s Autumn Winter pieces are miraculous and romantic: custom made chiffon dresses and puffy skirts, along with classically tailored pants, overalls and jackets.

Kivera Naynomis SS 2016. Blue Dreams

The SS16 collection is all about the light almost ethereal dreams, yet it’s very practical in its functionality. The collection is designed for a modern woman, who is living in a an urban environment, but is also very feminine and even “girlish”. The collection has it all: from weightless dresses and classic pants or overalls, to excessively layered eveningwear, done in deep blue hues finished with narrow violet ruffles.

Kivera Naynomis Black & White Capsule Collection 2015. 

When everything is black or white, there is no ambiguity and everything is clear. These principles were the main inspiration for Kivera’s Domino collection. The collection is based on clean and geometric forms, classic silhouettes, that are decorated with lace.

Kivera Naynomis Evening Gowns FW 2015-16

Kivera Naynomis evening dresses reflect the opulent femininity, self-confidence, without a hint of oversexuality. Maxi dresses are done in a very sophisticated manner that emphasizes the body outlines, hips are underlined with a peplum, cleavage is very deep and sexy, along with a color palette that includes red and black combination, pure white and beige.

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