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FW2016-17 collection shooting

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Kivera Naynomis FW 2016-17 collection shooting at the slopes of Mount Aragats. 

While choosing a place for a promotional photoshoot for Fall Winter 2016-17 collection we considered several sites in Armenia, focusing around the main idea of ​​the combination of landscape and fine silk, that was set to appear in a certain contrast with the essential character. In addition the shooting took place in June, whilst it was essential to find a very winterly landscape, which is why we decided to travel to Mount Aragats.

The model was set to be very ethereal, delicate, yet slightly unreal but very feminine. In collaboration with Nik Managment Agency, Nina Vilhovik was invited from Moscow, who worked heroically for several hours in extremely cold (0 to -5 °C) temperature.

Kivera Naynomis creative team and technical staff did their best, along with the make up studio provided by Sephora beauty salon, and technical staff headed by a photographer Arnos Martirosyan.

Very soon we will be happy to draw your attention to the outcome of our collective effort. We hope you’re going to love all the incredible photos we took that day!

Kivera Naynomis FW 2016-17 promotional photos are coming very soon on

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